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The 3 Videos every business needs on their website


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years you probably already know about the rise of video in marketing the many benefits of using video in your business, but if you don’t know already we’ve created a Benefits of Video Marketing infographic to get you up to speed. There are 3 videos every business needs on their website to ensure they’re not falling behind the competition.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to ensure the viewer that they are in the right place for their problem, and you’re their solution! This is your own businesses TV broadcast commercial, without the restrictions and advertising costs associated with it. This branded video should be displayed proudly on your homepage

Our top tips for producing an effective explainer video:

  • KISS (keep it simple stupid) - an explainer video doesn’t need to be complicated, filled with animation and confusing technical gobbledygook. The best explainer videos keep their message simple and using language easily digestible to their audience. You don’t want to alienate or confuse your potential customers using technical talk, if your product requires it this comes later.
  • Keep it short - explainer videos should be sub 1 minute in length, but there’s always exceptions. The video should be the length it needs to be to highlight the problem your viewer is facing, identity with the problem and how your company is the solution.
  • Don’t DIY, (unless you’re a video marketing pro) - in many cases this will be the first point of contact your potential customer has with your business, a poorly produced video can be as off-putting as walking into a unkept hotel, first impressions are everything at captivating your viewership.
  • Show don’t tell - however attractive you may be on camera save your limelight for an about video. No one wants to see someone talking to camera, it’s a difficult skill to pull off! In an explainer video you want to use a professional voice over with accompanying visual imagery showing the problem and your solution in action. If you are your service, get shots of you working with your clients or behind the scenes.
  • Don’t make it too corporate - picture this, you click on a video eagerly excited you might have found a solution to your problem, yet the first 5 seconds is taken up by a white background with a logo slowly fading in, maybe a little animation too, finally an image pops up, its more company branded visuals, elevator music begins, and you switch off before anyone even talks. AVOID like the plague showing too much of your branding before you’ve roped in the audience, it’s a massive turn off to audiences.
Product Videos

Video content works especially well on product pages, you already have the interest of a potential client to click through to a possible solution, your product video needs to reinforce that this is the product for them. Sure you can write down all the specifics of your product or service (supplemented with professional photography for bonus points) but with 4 in 5 consumers saying a video showing how a product or service works is important then creating engaging product videos is a must!

Our top tips for producing an effective product video:

  • There are many ways you can create a product video, most commonly is the demonstration, showing it’s key benefit in action in a short concise manner. Another popular product video example is the ’showing off’ method (think Apple adverts). For a more complicated product a step-by-step how to video maybe best.
  • Often a product or service has many key benefits, whilst you maybe proud of all the features it’s important to highlight the key solution your product solves and save the lesser benefits for the supplementing copy and photography, or create multiple videos for each product if it’s a complex solution.
  • If it’s a real-world physical product show it in the real world! White studio shots work well for in photography to show off the design, but when it comes to demonstrating a product we believe it should be shown in a real life scenario. That’s why we love getting real with our range of automotive video and photography for Isuzu UK.
Testimonial videos

In todays world where you can review pretty much anything & everything for companies building trust is essential. Testimonial videos hold the power to convey the social proof your business needs far better than text alone. Showing real people talking about the success stories they’ve had with your product or service is an easy way to show you’re a legit company that already has an established loyal customer base, and you’re pretty damn great at what you deliver.

Our top tips for producing an effective testimonial video:

  • Keep it brief and focus on the results delivered
  • Get your testimonials from the clients who have been a joy to work with as this will hopefully encourage other likeminded potential clients to get in touch.
  • Try to include some behind the scenes footage of you or your product working with your client, show some of the process.
  • Incentivise! Speaking from experience, quite often (especially us Brits) have a general disliking of being on camera, sweeten the deal with your client by offering a discount or some other form of value for helping with your testimonial video, a small gesture can be all it takes to get the best out of them.