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Medium Format Engineering Photography

It's all in the details. Creating high quality imagery for larger than life output.

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Photography requirement

Something a little different to the usual work this one, working with Air Arms, who are a UK manufacturer of air rifles, to create impactful still photography to highlight the engineering that goes into their production process.

We spent a a couple of days at their factory, shooting in and around their machinery, using a mix of of Profoto lighting and the Hasselblad medium format camera to capture extremely high resolution imagery - that they went on to use in both their online and print media as well as their trade show stand.

It was the trade stand that drove the choice of camera system - they wanted to have very graphic images as the background of the stand - but it had to be as high resolution as possible due to them mounting the products directly to it.

This dictated the use of the Hasselblad - with over 50MP of information and massive amounts of latitude in the colour of the files, meant that we could most definitely fulfil the trade stand requirement! 

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