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How was a mixture of video and photography content was created for the new model Isuzu D-Max was put to use to ensure an impactful product launch?

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The Challenge

We had been involved with Isuzu for over two and half years, shooting images and footage for their various campaigns and promotions etc. But late in 2016, we were approached to document the internal product testing of the yet undisclosed new MY17 D-Max, one which promised to disrupt the market with its brand new ad-blue free 1.9 litre single turbo engine.

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What we produced

We captured footage and images of the testing stages at the Millbrook Proving Ground during November, with our usual creative angle and style - at this stage we were under the impression, as were the client, that it was internal footage for evolution only… what transpired was something else.

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We had a fantastic November, with some amazing weather - which we took full advantage of, bagging awesome looking footage and shots that fortunately Isuzu's Digital Agency team at 438 Marketing noted.

They invited our photographer to capture some additional BTS of an advertising video that was being shot - which along with the product testing content, ended up being used as the bulk of the launch campaign, product brochure, and web presence. We never think that ‘oh its only going to be used for x y z’ - instead we always strive to make the most of any shoot - hence our BTS stuff is an awesome blend of event coverage, and marketing shots - all grabbed as the shoot unfolds.

Value that the both the client and 438 were quick to recognise, and their feedback goes some way to showing this -

“Motion Click have worked with Isuzu for several years now and were heavily involved in many aspects of the recent new Isuzu D- Max launch. They produced a wide range of imagery from early product testing, launch PR, photographing & filming the official launch at the CV Show as well as producing location images & video for the new top of the range Blade model. Despite being shot for specific purposes, many of the images & film have been able to be used on a multi-purpose basis, for example some has been used in ads, brochure, web, press. Motion Click are a flexible & efficient team that deliver high quality images & film, often simultaneously, that can be re-purposed as required. They add real value to projects by having a good brand understanding and ability to maximise a shoot.”

George Wallis, Isuzu UK - Marketing Communications Manager
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